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Etereo is the synergy of an American and French vision rooted in the London nightlife.

The founders, from all across the globe, met one night at an exclusive nightclub in London. After several tequila shots and despite barely meeting, the newfound group of friends spontaneously booked flights to Ibiza and shared more epic memories together, including being backstage with Black Coffee. The friends wanted to share their out-of-body experience with the world, and Etéreo was born.

Tequila that is out of this world!

Etéreo, which is Spanish for “ethereal” in English, means “out of this world or heavenly.” This is the perfect description to capture those unforgettable moments and memories that define your unique lifestyle, and it is the perfect description when you take a sip of Etéreo—a true out-of-body experience.

Our logo was also carefully curated to evoke the “Etéreo” brand, which is combined of two designs: (1) an ancient Toltec petroglyph discovered thousands of years ago in a Mexican cave resembling a one-eyed creature described as “out of this world”; and (2) the blue weber agave plant as an ornament on top of its head. Our logo is timeless and intended to pay homage to the Mexican heritage.

© Etereo Tequila 2022

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